A group of Year 8 students have qualified for the Semi Finals of EPro8, an engineering challenge. The semi finals are on 5 November in the evening.

EPro8 2020 was amazing this year. A group of committed students gathered together every Wednesday lunchtime for three weeks, working to build a robotic creature masterpiece. We had poles, wheels, spinning devices, screws, bolts and more. The project was managed by  Mrs Somerville and Mrs Clapham. It took a lot of perseverance and patience but in the end all of our creations were exceptional. There was everything from peacocks to bees! The results came in and the Golden Caramels and their peacock placed into the semi finals round and a very good attempt from the winners who just missed out by a whisker who tied in 7th place. Well done, your creation was still amazing and you are a winner. I think it’s safe to say that EPro8 might be just the thing you’re looking for. We had so much fun creating our peacock and it was such a great experience. The Golden Caramels are so excited to be going to the North Shore Semi Finals.

Kriya D’Sa, Year 8