Esports Success

This year saw our Valorant Esports team, “Valorant Valkyries”, advance to the Auckland regional finals. This is a huge improvement from last year’s placing, and the team is very proud of this achievement.

The team of Chloe Ronquillo, Heather Capa, Pruna Lee, Emily Harkness, Stephanie Adair and Salina Xiao worked together to achieve their goal which was to reach the regional finals. With the success and improvement of this year’s Valorant team, we look forward to continuing proving to the world that anything is possible. Given that Esports has typically been a men’s field, the fact that Carmel College’s female gamers were able to represent them, compete against other colleges, and qualify for the regional finals proves that women are capable of anything. We look forward to seeing new players signing up for Esports next year!