Ex Students Visit our Art Department

An initiative of the Art department is to connect with past students who from their school experience can bring valuable information to present Senior Art students.  Some of our past students have been offered speaking opportunities at our Year 12 Careers Day recently.

Simone Lopes was able to attend, despite her busy schedule, as speaker for Careers Day and also speaking to the Senior Art class. Simone is studying fashion Design at AUT having completed at Carmel Year 12 Design and Year 12&13 Photography.  She was awarded the Top Scholar Art prize and also Proxime Accessit ad Ducem.

Three of our past students from Year 13 Design offered their knowledge to the current Level 2&3 Design class which was a successful learning experience for all.

(pictured above left to right: Clare Tattersfield, Sophie Drury and Kayla Gapultos)