Faith Cafe Provides Warm Welcome

Faith Cafe enhanced the warm welcome shown to parents and potential new students at our annual Pre-Enrolment event.  This year our Year 13 girls stepped up and hosted tours around the school offering insightful information and answering all concerns from parents regarding their daughter going into a new school. Visitors were served coffee by Carmel’s very own, student-run, Faith Cafe.

Just a reminder for students that Faith Cafe is back again in 2020!
This year’s new volunteers have been trained and are eager to start raising funds for deserving charities such as Caritas, De Paul House and Women’s Refuge. As well as Friday mornings from 7:50-8:50, we can also be found supporting school events like Drama Shows and Parent-Teacher Interviews. At Faith Cafe, we also believe in ethical ingredients and packaging to minimise our impact on the environment and provide the best possible price for subsistence farmers to help them earn a living wage. So fill your sweet cravings for brownies and hot chocolate or coffee. Keep-cups are welcome! Bring your coins and come see us in the Atrium from next week – Friday, March 13.