From Our International Visitors at Our Lady of the Rosary College, Hong Kong

Thank you, Carmel College, for hosting us this week.   We have enjoyed many exciting activities in beautiful surroundings and met friendly, kind and helpful people in your school and living with our homestay families.

The Praise Party we attended during the lunch break was such a lot of fun.   The vibe was really good and we have not experienced anything like this in Hong Kong.  We really enjoyed the Shine Jesus Shine song.

There is not much grass in Hong Kong and running around in bare feet is considered dangerous, so our PE class was both exciting and extraordinary.   At Our Lady of the Rosary College there is no soccer or cricket team or these kind of events.  In our Hong Kong music lessons we just sing along to the teacher’s music but at Carmel we can select many different instruments to play and it is great everyone can have a chance to try.   The lessons are much more interactive here.

The Year 8 Te Reo class provided a very warm welcome for us.   The girls chatted away and were really friendly.  We learned new songs, a dance and games – it was a new cultural experience which we will remember forever.  The class even shared their kai with us and we felt aroha.

We were lucky enough to see a police helicopter up close.  The policemen explained the equipment they used for different situations and emergencies.  We even had the chance to check out the police dog.  It was very obedient and listened to the police officer’s commands perfectly.

We have had a great time at Carmel College this week and are very grateful for the many new experiences.  We will share these with our friends and family back in Hong Kong and hope to visit again!

by Joan and Chloe, on behalf of all 20 girls from Our Lady of the Rosary College