From the Chess Club

Carmel College’s Chess Club participated in two interschool tournaments recently.

Within the North Shore intermediate competition two enthusiastic Year 7/8 teams showcased their skill.  For many, it was their first time in a competitive setting.  The new and daunting atmosphere of timed matches, illegal move rules and touch-move rules proved challenging, yet immensely rewarding for the teams, who embraced the opportunity to learn and grow their chess skills and passion for chess too.

Additionally, a dedicated team from Year 9-13 also represented Carmel at the secondary competition, further developing their commitment to advancing in chess.  The competition served as a rigorous test of their skills and strategies, providing valuable opportunities for growth.  Despite the challenges, the team embraced the experience, further honing their abilities and enjoying the day immersed in chess.

The Chess Club meets weekly at lunchtime on Wednesday in Room 39.  All aspiring chess players are invited to explore the opportunities of competitive chess, social chess and representing our school in future chess tournaments.

Sophie Barreto & Angela Braganza, Chess Club leaders