From the Principal

Tena koutou katoa. Nga mihi nui atawhai.

It is early Thursday evening last week and I am just returning to my office. I have just stopped at the door of another meeting that is going on, mainly to help myself to one of their Rocky Road biscuits but also to share with them my experience of that day.

I had just spent most of the day interviewing students for our 2020 leadership positions. Just like this time last year (and the year before) it is one of my most uplifting days of the year. Here, we talk to a range of our senior students who are genuinely and authentically living out our Mercy values. We ask them about what they have been involved with during the last couple of years and we, as interviewers, are exhausted by the range and diversity of their extra curricula activities.

These young women are involved in and, in some cases, have founded groups and clubs to serve others and/or share their own passions. Their service hours are impressive, with many of them continuing their service well in excess of the programme requirements. They coach, they tutor, they plant trees, they volunteer for outside agencies. It is quite impressive and humbling.

At the end of a day of interviewing, I was assured, and I want to be able to assure you, as valued members of our learning community, that these young women know Mercy, show Mercy and live Mercy. These Mercy women will go out into the wider world, see the need and make the difference.

Thank you sincerely to all the staff, parents and supporters of Carmel who have helped to form these confident and caring young leaders of the future.