From The Principal – Social Media Launch

Tena koutou katoa. Nga mihi atawhai nui.

We are going viral!! As I work towards my final days as Principal here at Carmel, I have been trying to bring to fruition several of the initiatives that have been underway for some time now, but have been inevitably delayed because of Covid.

One of those initiative has been about creating a social media presence for the College. And we are about to launch!! Here is the connection to our new FaceBook page:

and our Instagram account:

We are also launching a new app to make it easier for students and parents to receive information. This is just in its infancy and we will continue to develop it as we learn all of its many features and how we can best use them in our context. SchoolBridge can be downloaded For android users – Google Store; for Apple – iTunes store. Parents can log in using their email address – so long as it is the email address that is registered on our Kamar system.

We have also got a tiktok campaign underway that includes many of our alumni and our current students. These videos will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

In the coming months, we will also look to update our website to improve navigation. This work is underway but not ready to launch yet.

‘Social media is about the stories we tell’ and we want to share our great story.