From The Principal

Over the last week, our Carmel College community has shared more success on the sports field, court and in the pool as students competed at AIMS in Tauranga. On Sunday we celebrated with students who were welcomed into our Catholic community through baptism. Today, a further group of students will be celebrated as they continue their journey of faith at the Sacramental Mass.

At the Baptism Mass on Sunday, Father Mark discussed the three ‘Cs’; Creation, Commitment and Community, and he also recommended a fourth, Charity. He made reference to the name we give our children aligning to creation, the commitment of families to our faith as they support their daughters in being baptised and he welcomed the following students into our community of faith; Lexus Afamasaga, Sofie Carpenter, Emily Chong, Sophie Dashwood, Pearl Dewar, Ella Kilding, Tennessee George, Ruby Reynolds, Vivian Xu, Amilia Young, Phoenix Castles and Liela Patterson.

Our Catholic faith is at the heart of our school community, and it is through our Mercy teachings that we have the desire for our students to be empowered Mercy women of spirit and character who will shape their future. Wonderfully, our community extends beyond just our students’ years here at the College and I was reminded of this earlier in the week, when a founding student came in to pass on the sad news that the first student who would have been what we refer to today as the Head Girl, passed away at the beginning of the month.

On reflection of this news, and in discussing the early beginnings of the College, the vision of our school was highlighted with regards to the importance of ensuring that our young women are empowered, and that this comes from providing opportunities where students can develop a connection and commitment to our faith and to our school community.

We are beginning to see Covid restrictions reduced further and with this, there are more opportunities for our students to be engaged, active and involved in many different activities, both in and outside of the College. It is through these opportunities that students develop and make new friendships and connections with others that may last a lifetime and it is through these connections that we will continue to develop and grow as a community. As our wider Catholic community grows stronger, we are in our best position to support our young women and empower them to shape and challenge their future.