From The Principal

Over the last week, many in our community were again challenged by an extreme weather event and there was further disruption to the start of the school year.  As offered in our communications during the week, should your family or daughter require any support following the implications of the weather, or due to the unsettled start of the school year, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We are however thankful that last Friday we were able to gather as a school community to dedicate our 2023 school year to God at our Dedication Mass, and celebrate the Mass with our students, staff, Board members and guests, including current and new families to our community.  A big thank you to all who participated and contributed to the Mass, and to Father Mark who led the Mass and continues to support our college with his service.

Our school motto, Mana Maria, under the guidance and care of Mary, encourages each of us to embody the virtues of Mary, a woman of faith, courage and compassion.  This year we will be continuing to focus on putting our faith into action through our service programme, whereby students are encouraged to strive to be Mercy women who see the need and respond with compassion. 

Each year we take one of our five Mercy values to focus on.  This year our core mercy value is Maia – Courage.  As this is a new value for Carmel we will be taking time over the course of the year to unpack this value so that we all have a shared understanding of what courage means to our community. 

At the Mass our 2023 student leaders were blessed and received their badges.  This team of student leaders have willingly offered their skills and talents in the service of others.  They will build on the legacy of those who have previously served in these positions and they, in turn, will leave their own legacy for others to continue.

Our 2023 student leadership team is:

  • Head GirlsSkyler Anderson and Shana Singh-Anderson
  • Heads of Special CharacterOlivia Martin and Reanna Misquitta
  • Heads of Academic Kate Sluyter and Jules Torres
  • Heads of Arts & CultureLucia Kim and Sherry Rofaeil
  • Heads of Council Layla James and Ginger Vargas
  • Heads of Sport Hilary Halpin and Amy O’Neill 
  • Heads of Alexandra House – Tui Archibald and Ruby Kidd 
  • Heads of Cecilia Maher – Abigail Franks and Alyza So
  • Heads of Justine House – Zoe Beaver and Mary McLean
  • Heads of Kelly House Maya Perera and Sarah Turkington 
  • Heads of McAuley House –  Rein Manansala and Janelle Pilgrim
  • Heads of Pompallier House – Natasha Brown and Emma Mulholland 
  • Pasifika Student Representative Emalie Vea 
  • International Student Representatives Anna Cho and Emily Li 
  • Board of Trustees Student RepresentativeHannah Macdonald
  • Tu Wahine – Sophie Farrell 

I wish this team of student leaders all the very best for the year ahead and look forward to working alongside them.

Although this year has not begun as expected, it is pleasing that the majority of our students have now returned to school.  The adaptability, resilience and commitment displayed during the last 3 weeks whilst navigating these challenging times has been admirable.  Working through challenging times also provides the opportunity for growth, and these experiences will see our young women empowered to become women of Mercy who will shape and challenge their future.

Carmel College prayer:

E te Atua Atawhai,

We thank you for blessing Carmel College.

We give thanks for our Mercy foundation

and for all who have served our Carmel Community.

May Jesus, our teacher,

Mary, our Guide,

and Catherine McAuley, who showed us the path of Mercy, 

inspire us:

to be women of service;

who respect others and creation; 

who advocate for justice;

who show courage and care in all our actions;

and who walk humbly with you, our God.