From The Principal

The college continues to be a place of activity and excitement, with many school and community events occurring both in and around the college.  One of these events was the PTFA’s parent daughter breakfast, and while you can read more about this later in the newsletter, I would like to acknowledge those responsible for its organisation here.

To the team involved in this event; parents, students, sponsors and staff, thank you.  It is always fantastic to welcome members of our wider community into the school, and yesterday we were privileged to hear messages from Karin Horne about resilience, motivation, consistency and the importance of community.  To the organisers, thank you for creating this opportunity for our community to connect and come together, to share food and to reflect on the messages presented.  Your time, effort and hard work does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

Over the next two weeks there are further opportunities for our community to connect.  Firstly, next Thursday are parent/teacher interviews.  These interviews provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet their daughters’ teachers, discuss progress and raise concerns or celebrate success, with the overall aim of developing a working relationship to support students in their academic learning.  Information about parent/teacher interviews was contained in the student’s interim reports which were made available through the portal on Monday.

In Week 10, on Tuesday 4 April, there is the opportunity for our community and the Rosmini community to come together at St Joseph’s Church for the Stations of the Cross.  This event begins at 7.00pm and is a student-led production that retells the story of Jesus’ self-giving love in order to open our hearts to what is already given to us.

While the end of Term 1 is fast approaching, we are still very much looking forward to the next two weeks of school and the opportunities to engage, share and develop positive and supportive relationships through the many opportunities that come with being a part of Carmel College and our wider community.