From the Principal

Tena koutou katoa. Nga mihi nui atawhai.

‘They say you can’t be what you can’t see’. This was part of an article that was sent to me by a parent. This particular quote is equally pertinent in the light of some of the hysteria and panic that seems to be gripping some sectors of the general public now that we have Covid-19 not only in NZ but now on the North Shore.

In a newsfeed that I follow on things about education, I came across an interview with one of my principal colleagues, David Ferguson at Westlake Boys. What I could see is a measured and sensible approach to a constantly evolving update about this virus. Link to interview

I am pleased to note I can see that, on the whole, Carmel parents, students and staff, have also taken a measured and considered approach to this issue. We have kept parents updated with the information from the relevant authorities and reviewed our procedures to ensure they will address any concerns that we see could arise in relation to this.

We, as the adults, need to be able to show our young people, by the way we deal with and discuss this matter that we make sure we have real facts from authoritative sources, not gossip from social media, so we can make informed decisions about our own response.

In one of the more recent MOE updates, there has been reference to the harm that is being caused to those who are confirmed as being infected. The inference is that the deluge of online hate directed at this Westlake family is truly damaging. If we really want to keep the spread of Covid-19 under some sort of control, spewing vile comments and threats online is only going to make the next person who thinks they might be infected think twice before coming forward. Who wants to be doubly victimised – first as a flu sufferer and then as a target for online trolls?

In the year when our Core Mercy value focus is Care – especially for the vulnerable, let’s show our young people, by our actions, how to be caring, responsible and sensible adults when faced with uncertainty.