From the World Challenge Team

On Saturday 8 June, the Carmel World Challenge team gathered together to embark on the Pinnacles Trek in preparation for the 3-day hike we will take on in Vietnam.  During this trek the team was in charge of our food, the materials we brought and the map we would follow.  During this trek we walked 32.5 kilometres and made our way up to the Pinnacles summit for sunrise.  There were great views and we all now feel super excited about our upcoming trek in January.  This was another great opportunity to get to know each other better and figure out how we operate as a group.

If you want to support our group, come and watch the Despicable Me 4 movie at Takapuna Beachside cinemas on Friday 21 June at 5.00pm.  Last minute tickets can be bought on the Carmel Shop HERE.

Chiara Walker & Chelsea Brown