Hands On At Otago Experience

During the school holidays we had the amazing opportunity to go down to Otago University for a week with 400 other students from around New Zealand for the Hands On at Otago Experience. This allowed us to understand what life is like at university and to study one of the many projects they have to offer such as engineering, sociology, physics and genetics. We were also given the chance to participate in 2 hour long workshops to broaden our knowledge of available university courses and future career paths. To add to the experience, a bunch of social events were organised to involve us in the social aspects of university life, such as quiz night, games nights, parties and even a public lecture. We were given the opportunity to have accommodation tours during our free time and were able to look at many of the colleges that students live in and learnt all the perks of living there. It was an unforgettable opportunity and we are so grateful we were chosen to be involved – thanks to the Science Department. We would suggest this to any future Year 12 or 13 students who want to experience what life is like at university or want a more in depth idea of what they are thinking of studying in the future.
Aeidan Tihanyi, Emmy Aziz and Kiera Sinton, Year 13