Help Sheet – using SchoolBridge for Student Absences

This year we started using a product called SchoolBridge to communicate with parents and to allow you to notify us about your daughter’s attendance.

Currently, the email address is still accessible to parents.  We will be replacing this email address on Monday 29 May 2023 with an auto-response directing parents to SchoolBridge.

About SchoolBridge

SchoolBridge is a website that can be logged into from any device or you can log into the app version on your phone or tablet.  SchoolBridge can also be accessed via the school website and then click on the parent portal.  Please ensure you sign in using the email address that you receive all Carmel College communication from.  If, at any stage, you forget your sign-in information you can request a Magic Sign-in code on both the website or app sign-in page.

Using SchoolBridge if your daughter is away or will be away

This icon allows you to switch between each of your daughters should you have more than one daughter at Carmel.  This ensures that you are notifying us about the correct student absence.  If you only have one daughter at Carmel College, this icon is still visible to you.



This icon is to report an absence.  This will allow you to inform the school if your daughter is going to be away.  This will ask you to specify if it is an absence due to illness, doctor’s appointment etc.  This will only allow you to inform us that your daughter is absent for up to 3 days.  If your daughter is absent for longer than 3 days, you will need to notify us again, using SchoolBridge in the same way as before using either the app or website. 


Request Student Representative Leave or Self-Interest Leave

This allows you to inform the school if you are taking a family holiday during school time or if your daughter has been selected to represent a sport that is not a school-based team.  You will be asked to provide relevant documentation from the sporting organisation to support your request for representative leave.  These are to be uploaded to the form in the appropriate box.

If your daughter is a senior student (Year 11-13) there is a link to a document that needs to be completed for all subjects.  This ensures confirmation of assessment arrangements during the leave period.

Please see below for the relevant icons to complete the application.

On the SchoolBridge website, this icon takes you straight to the form to fill in for self-interest leave/representative leave. 




On the App, this link takes you to the list of permission slips.  At the top right, you can click on the blue button to start a new form for self-interest leave/representative leave.