Help Support Mercy Hospice Fundraisers

Leap for Life – Saturday, 2 October

Fancy throwing yourself out of a plane for Mercy Hospice? With Leap for Life you just need to raise a minimum of $800 and you will receive a free 13,000ft skydive on Saturday, 2 October.  Whether it’s your first jump or you’re a skydive veteran, this could be the most exciting way to support Mercy Hospice this year Click here to take the leap or to learn a little more

 Auckland Marathon – Sunday, 31 October

A little less adrenalin, a lot more time but another great way to raise money and continue caring for all our loved ones. Walk or run any of the Auckland Marathon distances while raising money for Mercy you will be part of New Zealand’s biggest running event. You’ll need to purchase your own ticket for the marathon, but we’ll be there to support your fundraising every step of the way. Click here to run the city for Mercy