How was Māori Language Week Celebrated at Carmel College in 2023?

Māori language week 100 word Challenge

This year Māori Language Week took on a different meaning for our Year 7 to 10 students and staff.  Students and many staff were challenged to learn 100 Māori words in 4 weeks, then during Atawhai last Wednesday they were tested to see how many they had learnt. 

Data is still being analysed to determine House, Atawhai and individual winners, but we can happily report that this year’s test was a huge success.  Thank all those students and staff who studied hard and welcomed the challenge with open arms.  Full results will be announced at our next full school assembly in Week one of Term 4. 

Hangi in the Staffroom

Continued on from last year, staff were also treated to a hangi lunch in the staffroom on Friday.  Sadly the food got eaten up so quickly that there was no chance to take any photos.

Kāhui ako Kapa Haka Showcase

Māori Language Week also took on a new look for not only our Carmel students, but also those in our surrounding Catholic school community.  This year was the start of the Kahui Ako Kapa Haka Showcase.  The Showcase brought together Kapa haka groups from our neighbouring Catholic schools, including St Leo’s, St Mary’s, Stella Maris and Rosmini.  It even included a special debut performance by our very own Kahui Ako Staff Kapa haka group, which is made up of teachers from all seven Catholic schools on the Shore. 

It was a great event, and as one student said after her group’s performance, “It made me feel powerful!”