Intergenerational Dialogue

On 14th May, I attended the Intergenerational Dialogue, an event supported by local boards. 25 young local students (including 4 from Carmel) and 25 mature adults coming together to discuss a range of topical issues in an effort to create solutions.  At the end of our robust discussions and solution based ideas, the results were presented to a panel of judges. The winning solution was around the issue that 30-40% of New Zealanders aren’t digitally connected. The way we work and socially connect is increasingly moving online. How do we connect with the unconnected? We suggested a solution of providing community groups that help with the use of electronic devices and subject experts, such as bankers, to help set up online banking.

This was a great opportunity to connect with a wider group from our local community and collaborate for a way to help others. The Intergenerational Dialogue occurs annually and I recommend others to get involved and be the voice of the future. 

Christabelle Watson, Year 12