Jumping June

Year 7 students have raised over $8,000 for the Heart Foundation through the Jumping June skipping event.  This great cause raised money for research into heart disease, medical treatment and education for prevention of heart disease.  We managed to get more than double our original goal of $4,000!

To support this cause, all Year 7 participated in a skipping competition.  We skipped for Jumping June to represent staying fit and physically healthy and jumping for those who can’t.

Not everyone was on the same level of skipping skills, but it didn’t change how they executed their performances.  This competition had two awards up for grabs: Best Dressed and Best Performance!  Our three judges, Toni Ferens, Deputy Principal; Kathy Giles, Head of PE; and Claire Magness, Sports Coordinator, had to think hard to find a winner.

Each class performed a great routine and wore creative outfits, both matching with their music and theme.  All the classes had their own unique skipping act which definitely wow-ed the judges. From 7JGR with a Barbie theme, to the red shirts and black pants 7CCA rocked, there was lots of diversity.

All performances were clearly well coordinated and they took three weeks to choreograph.  The judges decided 7KBO wore the best outfits and 7MCO created the best skipping routine.  7KBO was rewarded with chocolates for their dazzling, 80s-themed clothing, while 7MCO was gifted a small trophy for their skipping, the first ever given to a class for this very cause.  The trophy will be on display for everyone to see.

Skylar Mackisack, Year 7