Leadership Literacy for Life Course

“Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others”.

On 9th June a group of Year 9 students were lucky enough to be part of the Leadership Literacy for Life course. We were part of a research project to learn about our leadership styles, goals, self-awareness, self-leadership and leadership of others. We covered 4 main themes.  These were:

  • Pioneer:  You empower yourself by understanding that you are responsible for your own success. You have the focus and determination needed to set and achieve your goals.
  • Excellence: Your analytical mind can work through data to reach an accurate and logical conclusion. You are structured in your approach to life and can see order where everyone else sees only chaos.
  • Inspiration: You empower yourself through your optimistic and energetic approach to life. By seeking out connection with others and enjoyment of all interactions you develop and cultivate relationships where others may not be able to do so.
  • Insight: You empower others through your insight and your willingness to share that insight with others. Your caring nature drives you to put others first.

Each girl who took part in this course had to take a quiz to find out what their top themes were so that they could learn more about it. The leadership course was a great way to explore more about leadership, the way we think and the way we have control of ourselves and of others. Girls who took the course had different views on what they learnt from this.  Below are some of their thoughts.

“The leadership literacy for life course was a great experience with lots of pointers on how I should be a leader now and in the future.”

 “The literacy programme has taught me what I need to know for home, school and life in general. I’ve learnt new things about communication, friendship and even myself. These were really valuable concepts and abilities that I learnt throughout the training that will come in handy in the future.”

We were so grateful to be given the opportunity to learn about leadership in a deeper way. At the start of the course you could question yourself and say “What type of a leader am I? By the end of the course you knew what the answer was.”

In the words of Jack Welch “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Carmel is hoping that next year all Year 9 students will get to experience and grow from participating in the Leadership Literacy for Life course.

Kriya D’Sa, Year 9