Lockdown ‘Fun Friday’

Lockdown learning has challenges for connection and engagement so every week on Friday, Year 8 come together as a cohort for ‘Fun Friday’ to change things up. The daily curriculum is enhanced with activities that draw on the arts, science and physical education.

Last Friday the focus was on Te Wiki o te reo Maori with the students encouraged to explore a range of activities to do with te reo Maori and tikanga. Topics included art inspired by kowhaiwhai patterns, matauranga Maori, korero, waiata and kanikani (dance) and retelling a Maori legend. Students then sent their work in to demonstrate their skills.

A group entry from girls across a number of classes stood out for its uniqueness. Maya Timlin, Summer McKee-Wright, Amelia Boulle, Poppy Lyons, Madeline Susanto, Meila Oosterdijk and Sienna Jordan chose a unique way to present their retelling of the Matariki legend. Using matching background screens in Google Meets, the girls told the story in their own words.  See video HERE.

Maya says: ‘We chose the Matariki legend because it had the perfect amount of people for our whole friend group to participate in. It was also a really fun way to use Google Meets and use the backgrounds. I think also because, in a way, the stars of Matariki are connected, it helped us to feel more connected to each other.’

‘It took quite a few tries to video it,’ she adds. ‘And even the end result wasn’t perfect but we all had a laugh and had a lot of fun, which I think was the most important thing.’