Logos Camp

In the school holidays, Alice Wild and I attended the Annual Logos Leadership Retreat – Salt & Light. 

Logos is a Marist Youth Development organisation that runs this retreat for prefects at Catholic schools.  There were many schools at Salt & Light 2024 including St Mary’s, St Peter’s, Marist and St John’s; it was an incredible opportunity to get to know all of them over the 2 night retreat. 

During the retreat, we lost all sense of time and got to have fun with our new friends while we dove into what it means to be Salt of the earth and Light of the world.  The theme comes from Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 5:13-16) where we spent time discussing how this scripture calls us to share our SALT (talents and gifts) with the world as God gave us these gifts to bring LIGHT to all those around us.  For us to truly understand how to use our gifts to enrich the lives of others, we have to first understand ourselves.  I really enjoyed the sessions we spent discovering and learning about our identity, cultures and values. 

On the first morning, we woke up at 5am and went down to the beach to watch the sunrise and reflect before our busy day.  The sunrise lit up the dark sky and reminded us that light helps us to see the beauty of the world by bringing out all its colours and details; in this way as leaders, our job is to bring out the incredible aspects of our peers to ensure they succeed in all they do. 



A big thank you to the Logos team for everything they did.  This camp was such an incredible and refreshing experience that taught me so much. 

Hannah Macdonald, Head Girl