Members of the Carmel College SAVE group helped out the Conservation Volunteers group in the “Wairau Estuary Restoration” project April 2024

Estuaries are mix zones where rivers meet the sea.  These rich ecosystems provide vital habitats and food for fish, birds and other creatures.  They also naturally filter water and act as buffers against storms.

Unfortunately, many of our estuarine environments are rapidly degrading due to land-use changes, such as urban and industrial development.  The Wairau Estuary in Milford is no exception. 

As Conservation Volunteers New Zealand continues to restore the Wairau Estuary, they continue to host various volunteer days including planting events, tree rescue events and litter clean ups.  They would love for others to join them, and help make a meaningful contribution to the protection and conservation of your local area!

Next Community Planting Day at Wairau Estuary (Milford), Wairau Estuary

25 May 2024, 11.00am-2.00pm

Availability: 20

For Carmel Students this would count towards service hours.