Mid Year Reports and Parent/Teacher Interviews

2023 Mid Year Reports for Years 7-13 are available online now, via the Carmel Portal https://kamar.carmel.school.nz/index.php.  Detailed instructions for how to use the Carmel Portal can be found HERE.  Reports are not able to be viewed on the Kamar App. You will have to go online to view your daughter’s report.

There are NO Parent/Teacher interviews being held for Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 this time. If you are needing to contact your daughter’s teacher or Dean, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the report.  For Years 11, 12 & 13 there will be online Parent/Teacher interviews on Thursday, 27 July. Instructions and the entry code to access the bookings can be found at the bottom of the Mid Year report.  Reports can be found, once you have logged onto the Portal, under the Reports tab.

These are the expectations we have for Carmel students under each category you will find on the reports (Year 7-13):

– Work habits expectations relate to Attendance, Punctuality, Equipment, Homework, Deadlines
– Respect for Learning expectations relate to Focus on learning, Participation in class, Self-management, Relating to others, Device use
A student who is marked as E (meeting expectations) means they are meeting these expectations consistently.
A student who is marked as M (meeting most expectations) means they are meeting most of these expectations most of the time.
A student who has been marked as A shows an ‘Area for improvement’ – the teacher can select just one expectation to focus on from the options outlined above.
Comments for Year 11,12,13 students:
Comments for NCEA students are entered directly into the Kamar portal and are linked to particular NCEA Standards and assessments. These comments are ‘live’ and are entered at stages during/after each assessment to help provide timely and formative comments to help you support your daughter’s learning. You will receive a notification when a grade is published for you to check the Portal, however, we encourage you to check the Portal regularly (we suggest once per week) to see the new comments coming through from teachers about your daughter’s progress in a particular subject and assessment.  Students can also access the Portal and we encourage the senior girls to read the comments that their teachers have written.
If you have misplaced/lost your login details please email sodonnell@carmel.school.nz with your name and your daughter’s name.  A new password will be emailed to you.
If you have any other questions about the reports please email Ms Rosanna Fouhy at rfouhy@carmel.school.nz