Music News – Starlight Talent Showcase

Vivien Xu
Skyler Anderson

The Starlight Talent Showcase was held at the Rosmini Auditorium on 30 July. It is a youth talent competition for dancers, singers, choirs, musicians and bands based in the North Shore Catholic Dioceses.

This year there was a huge presence from Carmel College students with a wide range of different talents being demonstrated.

Vivian (Ziqian) Xu (Year 7) took out 1st Place with her incredible contemporary dance routine.



Dads are Cool

“Dads are Cool” took out 3rd Place with their amazing cover of “Mamma Mia”.  The group is made up of Year 10 Music students, Anya Poe, Sam Chua, Shania De Souza and Siobhan Fialho.

Skyler Anderson won the “Wow Award” with her outstanding and emotional performance of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Misérables”.

Special mention should also go to Mackenzie Carkeek (Year 13), Caroline Wang (Year 8), Niketa Fernando (Year 11), Chelsea Gardner (Year 11) and Emilia Kubes (Year 8) for their inspiring performances as well. The event was hosted by Carmel College Head Girls, Emilie Gordon and Lina Jang, who did a fantastic job as MCs for the evening.

More pictures of the event can be found on the Starlight Facebook page: