My Service Experience

For my service hours, I have spent 6 hours serving the elderly at the rest home where my mother works. There, I have learnt how patient and gentle you have to be with the elderly making sure to keep up with their conversations and to actually listen so that you show how interested you are in their personal lives. When we hear elderly, we usually think about how they’re old and how we cannot relate to them, but really old people have such amazing stories to share with us. Serving the elderly for me has meant that I was able to give back to them and make them feel the love and care they should receive as they have loved and cared for their own children. It was such a heart warming experience to be able to laugh, talk and sing with them. Their smiles lit up the whole rest home and it was so lovely to be able to witness that!

Gabrielle Cabotaje, Year 11

Share Your Service Experience
We would love to know what you are doing to serve the community, submit a short article about what you did and what it meant for you serving others with a picture or video.
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