My Year 12 Work Experience

For Year 12 Work Experience, I went to The Physics of Rocks Lab at Auckland University. There, I learnt how researchers collect data from the earth and use it to determine physical properties of rocks. By doing this, researchers are able to get an idea of what makes up the earth as well as come up with implications of that data which affects their knowledge of earthquakes and volcanoes.

While there, I got to look at 6 core samples from the Brothers Volcano (340 km North East of White Island) and conducted a little bit of my own research. I used the Vinci high pressure Poroperm system to calculate the porosity of 6 core samples from Brothers Volcano and I also took some high resolution scans of those core samples.

This experience has taught me so much about Geophysics as a future career and confirmed to me that it is definitely what I want to do. I also got to learn about taking my studies further at Auckland University and what that would entail.  It has been an absolutely amazing experience and I am excited to take further steps in my career pathway.

Danielle Meek, Year 12