Year 12 Biology Trip

On Wednesday the 18 March, the Year 12 Biology students took a trip down to Milford Beach in order to look at the distribution of different species on the rocky shore. In class, we have been learning about the impact of environmental factors on where species are found, and how each species have unique adaptations that help them to survive in these habitats. After learning about the different species found on the rocky shore in the classroom, it was fascinating to be given the opportunity to observe them in their natural environment.

Whilst at the beach, we measured the abundance of each species at a variety of locations, using equipment such as quadrats and tape measures. As well as looking at the individual species, it was interesting to observe the relationships between them and how there were such clear zones as to where different species were located. This became especially clear when we returned to school and graphed our data. Overall it was a day that was both enjoyable and full of learning and I know that all of the Biology students were grateful for the chance to see the area that we were learning about in person.

Annabel Rhodes