NZ Scholarship Carmel Timetable 2024

NZ Scholarship assessments are designed to be challenging for the most able students in each subject.  Assessment is by either a written or spoken examination or by submitting a portfolio/report of work produced throughout the year.  To be awarded the NZ Scholarship, students are expected to show a deep understanding of the subject, demonstrate high-level critical thinking and the ability to apply their understanding to complex situations.  To prepare our students for these scholarship exams, Carmel offers scholarship classes held by specialist teachers.  These run before, during and after school.  Students are expected to attend regularly if they choose to sit the exam, and some classes will expect students to complete assignments and attend lectures.  These classes offer an invaluable opportunity for students to excel and achieve the highest level of academic success.  Scholarship classes are run separately from timetabled classes and are optional, although teachers will expect commitment from students who sign up.

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