NZ Uniforms On Site to Swap Out Faded Uniforms

Over the last 2 years we have been addressing a fading issue with some of the uniforms from a batch of blazers/skirts/ shorts that had an issue with the fabric. As people pass uniforms on to family and friends we are still finding items that are from this problematic batch. A swap system has been in place for the past 2 years and many people have taken advantage of this to swap their faded skirts and blazers for brand-new items.

To help facilitate the final items to be exchanged, NZ Uniforms will be on site next week at school Thursday 3 August and Friday 4 August in the school hall from 9.00am-1.30pm each day, with plenty of replacement stock, so that girls can swap out their faded items. Please ensure you check your blazers and skirts and bring them in to swap on those days. We know that many girls have more than one skirt and may have other sizes of uniform items tucked away for future years – please check all skirts, shorts and blazers for fading. There is no limit to the number of faded items you can swap out for no cost.

Key points to note about this uniform exchange:

  • Only blazers/skirts/shorts have been affected.
  • Fading/discolouration on skirts/blazers/shorts shows up in different ways e.g. all over, in parts only, pink spots/marks, overall purple greyish fade.
  • This fading/discolouration is due to a fault in the fabric and is not due to washing, sun fading etc.
  • Check for fading by comparing with the original fabric colour by looking under the blazer lapel and the hem of the skirt or between pleats.
  • You can change your faded garments for brand new ones in the size your daughter currently needs (or go smaller if you are handing it down to a younger sibling or friend).
  • You do not need to provide receipts so if you have a second-hand uniform then you can still swap out faded for new.

This is not an on site shop to purchase uniforms.  It is for swapping faded blazers/skirts/shorts only. This is your chance to get a brand-new uniform in your daughter’s current size. Please take advantage of this opportunity now.

If you are unsure then please ask your daughter to come and see Ms Fouhy or Mrs Harrod or you can contact either of us via email.