Our Differences, Our Strengths – A Student Perspective

Kevana Giddy, Ariana Taylor, Edie McEntee and Rebecca Robertson presented their Year 8 speech topics to the Carmel staff.  These students shared the challenges that exist for those who have specific learning differences such as  ADHD, Dyscalculia and Dyslexia.  These presentations gave staff insight into the barriers that prevent students from accessing the curriculum and how frustrating learning can be for them.

The students also shared how their neurodiversity can be their strength. For example, those who learn differently have often been innovative people who think outside the box.  The students explained that for some people, the need to overcome challenges at school develops tenacity and perseverance.  The staff expressed their gratitude and admired the strength and courage these students demonstrated when presenting in front of a large group of adults. They appreciated the suggestions on how they can support those with learning differences in the classroom.