Our Heads of Academic Create A Study Website

Mock exams are in less than three weeks! With the current COVID-19 situation, senior mock exam results are more important than before. To help alleviate some of this stress, Madeleine Lord and Xin Ping Lau (Heads of Academic) have created a Study Website with the best online resources across a range of different subjects and papers. The website includes information about NCEA as well as study tips to help you prepare for the exams.
We know how hard it is to stay productive during lockdown so here are our top tips for getting motivated with online school:
1) Make a ROUTINE and STICK to it

Even though we are at home and have a lot more time, this can mean that we continually put off our work. If you make yourself a simple daily routine around the new school timetable (9 am – 3:30 pm), then you are far more likely to get through all of your work. If you would usually do after-school activities/sports on particular days, try to keep them up. Likewise, if you would usually do your homework when you get in from school, give yourself a small break and then get to work. It’s far easier on your brain to keep up old habits than create new ones!

2) Make a ‘school space’ 

What we mean by this is do not do your schoolwork in your bed. It’s definitely more comfortable but it’s been proven that you are far more productive if you have a separate space for work and sleep. If you are lying down in bed, you are more likely to get off task. If you can, work at a desk or at a table and only do school there. You will get more done.

3) Make the most of your INDEPENDENT periods

These are periods for you to complete all of your assigned work outside of your video calls. Don’t use them as free periods when you have work to do, you’ll regret it later. Remember, these are just like regular periods in the school day. The only difference is it is up to you to prioritise your work and decide which order to complete your tasks in.

4) Communicate
It is important to ask for help when you need it. If you are falling behind or struggling to keep up with your workload don’t hesitate to ask for help! Contact your teacher, House Dean, or email one of us: Madeleine (2918@carmel.school.nz) or Xin Ping (2837@carmel.school.nz).
Wishing you all the best! We know you will do well.
Madeleine Lord and Xin Ping Lau, Heads of Academic