Pasifika Breakfast With Past Student Now Member of Parliament

After a disrupted 2020 year during which most of the Pasifika events were unfortunately cancelled due to Covid, we recognised the need to reconnect with our Pasifika students and families. Our vision for holding this event was to bring our Carmel Pasifika community together to meet and get to know each other as well as be able to promote the future events organised for the year. This first event held last Friday was a breakfast for both parents and students. We were honoured to have Barbara Edmonds (nee Poe) as our first guest speaker. Mrs Edmonds MP, of Samoan descent, was a Carmel College student from 1992 to 1998 when she was co-Head Girl. It was encouraging to hear about her journey as a Carmel College student and how she went to University became a lawyer and a tax advisor whilst also being a mother. She is now the MP for the Mana district.

Mary Byrne and Maddie Stowers, Pasifika Student Representatives 2021