Pavement Renewal Works – Shakespeare Road

21 June to 30 June 2021 – 7am to 7pm (traffic setup between 7am to 8am and restoring traffic lanes between 6pm to 7pm)

As part of the ongoing road maintenance programme, pavement renewal works will be commencing on Shakespeare Rd.  This work involves digging existing patches of road in need of repair and replacing this surface with new surface.  Diggers, plate compacter, trucks, bobcats, millers and rollers will be operating within a closed work area along this road.

How may it affect you?

  • This type of work involves heavy machinery which can create noise, vibration and dust.
  • Please expect some delays while machinery is working immediately in front of driveways.
  • Street parking may be limited during working hours.  Any vehicles parked in the work area will be towed to a safe position a short distance from the work site.  Every effort will be made to locate the owner before towing.  However, to avoid any inconvenience it would be appreciated if you could park your vehicle away from the work area on scheduled work shifts.