Peer Mediation: Building Bridges and Resolving Conflicts

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, schools are increasingly adopting innovative approaches to conflict resolution.  Peer mediation, a practice where students facilitate discussions to resolve disputes among their peers, has emerged as a powerful tool for fostering peaceful environments and nurturing essential interpersonal skills. On Friday 3 May, a group of 23 students ranging from Year 11 to 13, attended training led by facilitators from the Peace Foundation, Christina Barruel and Aly McSweeney.

What is Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation involves trained student mediators assisting their peers in resolving conflicts in a structured and supportive environment.  Peer mediation adopts a Tuakana Teina approach to foster safe relationships among peers.  Peer mediators will be ‘on duty’ and available during intervals and lunchtimes for our rangatahi.  See here for more information.  

Younger students (Years 7-10) often feel more comfortable to go to an older student to ask for advice on a problem they are having, compared to going to a teacher or other adult.  Our hope for peer mediation is that younger students will feel comfortable to go to a peer mediator to resolve their conflicts instead of trying to deal with it themselves, or ignore the problem until it gets too big for them to handle.  Our team of peer mediators are enthusiastic and trained students that are looking forward to helping the younger students feel comfortable in their environment and reduce the amount of conflicts that may arise through junior school. 

Our peer mediation team will attend the annual peace symposium event coming up on 16 August 2024.