Pink Day 2022 and the Uplift Project

Pink Day 2022 is coming up on Friday 19 August.

Pink Day is about raising awareness for breast cancer in New Zealand. We do this by having a full pink mufti day with a gold coin donation as well as running lunchtime food stalls and games.  All money raised goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Leading up to Pink Day, as a school, we will be taking part in the Uplift Project. The Uplift Project is about recycling bras for women in need. These bras go to women who are unable to afford or cannot easily attain them. As a community we are wanting to collect as many bras as possible to donate to this important cause. Have a search around your house or ask anyone you may know to donate bras they are no longer using to support the Uplift Project. There will be a collection box in the front office where you can donate them; make a difference to those who really need them.