Pink Day

Last Friday Carmel College was flooded by a sea of bright, enthusiastic, pink students! Girls came dressed in all kinds of pink costumes – some that were even impressively DIY-ed – to celebrate the school’s annual Pink Day, raising money and awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The girls generously donated gold coins, brought in second hand bras and purchased Breast Cancer Foundation ribbons. To ensure the festivities continued throughout the entire day, a collection of Carmel’s extra-curricular clubs united to put on pink-themed food, drinks and games stalls for the students during lunch time. The girls enjoyed candy floss, pink lemonade and many other goodies while watching the main event of the day (an annual favourite): sponge the teacher. This saw Mr Whipp, Bassett, and Middleton gracefully allow themselves to be drenched by the cold, soapy sponges thrown by eager students. Overall it was a great day and Carmel made a significant contribution to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Lily Bosley and Maggie Faulkner, Heads of Student Council