Police 105 and Non-Emergency Contact

In a recent visit from our local community constable, Mr. Murray Fenton, he discussed ways we can make sure we make police aware of issues in our community. He reminded us to use the 105 phone number for police if we need to report a non-urgent concern. This phone number ensures there is a record of the issue and it can be channelled to the appropriate police resource to deal with this matter.

105 is the number for Police non-emergencies. 111 is the emergency number for Police, Fire and Ambulance.

You can use 105 to report things that have already happened that don’t need urgent Police assistance.

We encourage you to go online to 105.police.govt.nz to:

  • Report any situation that doesn’t require immediate Police or Emergency Services attendance
  • Request an update on a report already made or add to an existing report.