Readers’ Cup Success

The Readers’ Cup is a competition among Year 9 teams. Every team in the area, such as North Shore, read the same 6 books and answer questions during the evening event.

The competition was held at Rangitoto College with 9 teams. Carmel won for the second year in a row and will compete in the National event later this year after reading another 6 selected books.  The lead up requires a time commitment and offers a team event for our keen readers.
Team members write;
“I found the Readers’ Cup amazing. It was such a great experience and was so much fun. I loved reading all of the different kinds of books – they were books that I would probably not have read if I hadn’t done Readers’ Cup. I would definitely do it again.” – Gabby Warner
“The Readers’ Cup was an eye-opening experience. It allowed me to explore different genres as well as forming new friendships with my teammates.” – Kirsten Barberini
(Team pictured left to right Kirsten Barberini, Gabby Warner, Caiomhe Costello, Keely Baker)