Revolution Tour at Carmel

On 12 August Carmel was very lucky to have a special visit from the Revolution Tour. The Revolution Tour came to our school to bring a message of hope to all young people across New Zealand and world-wide. They use music, dance, creativity and tell real-life stories that inspire and encourage while building resilience and empowering change. Some of our students got up onto the stage and showed a lot of confidence while dancing in front of everyone. The theme for this year is ‘Anti-bullying’ and the Revolution Tour travels around New Zealand and also around the world to deliver a very important message. Everyone was really focused and entertained while other guest speaker Benji Greenwood told us a background story about his childhood. It was great to have the Revolution Tour come to our school, everyone had heaps of fun and found it beneficial.

“You can never change your past, But you can change your future!” -Reggie Dabs

Daniella Basilan, Year 12