Stay Safe On Social Media Over Summer

Now that summer is here it’s a good time to take an online break and consider how you manage your  social media apps.
Students can learn about managing their time online at netsafe 
Does your phone give you notifications regularly and interrupt your family time together or your holidays?
What notifications on apps do you want to turn off?
If you have more than 10 apps that regularly interrupt you maybe it’s time to take back control.
What about having a summer break where YOU can choose when you check your instagram/ snap chat/ facebook/ pins/ messages ?  A world where you can be present rather than being interrupted, doing what you want to do.
Have a go this summer, challenge your family to turn off notifications on all your apps except text messages.
Choose when to read your messages and take back control of quality time together!
Parents: More info about staying safe on line at netsafe
Enjoy a social media free summer!