Safe on Social Webinar for Parents – Vaping

As part of our commitment to your daughter’s wellbeing, we are sharing information about an upcoming webinar hosted by cyber safety experts, Safe on Social, that we think will be of interest to many of you.

This webinar, held on 25 May, will cover a theme that has been a huge topic of conversation, this year in particular – “Clearing the Smoke: Navigating Teen Vaping and Social Media.”

As many of you know, vaping has become a significant concern among our staff and parents as we see children younger and younger being impacted.  With the rise of social media, it is crucial for us to stay informed about the impact of vaping and the role that social media plays in influencing our children.  As parents we know you have questions, but often don’t know where to turn.

As authorities in their field, Safe on Social have a unique perspective on this topic and bring years of experience working with parents on how to navigate difficult situations.  Any questions you may have about the topic can be sent to Safe on Social at and they will do their best to address them within the webinar.

We highly recommend taking a look at the webinar information and attending if possible.

Please note: there is a cost to the presentation.