School Exams and Study Skills

We are planning on having our school exams from Wednesday 14 September until Wednesday 21 September. The exam schedule is likely to be available to students sometime before the next newsletter.

We have already run a study skills programme with Year 11 and Year 12 students during Term 2.

Our Academic Student Leaders (Annise and Genevieve) have created a study session timetable to help your daughter get prepared. These study sessions will be in place of the Homework Support Group this Term.  Sessions run in the library on:

  • Tuesday lunchtime (1.00-1.30pm)
  • Wednesday morning (8.00-8.40am)
  • Wednesday lunchtime (1.00pm-1.30pm)

The sessions are student-run and we will have some senior students available to help. Have a look at the timetable and get together a study group to get prepared for the school exams.