Service at Carmel

Service is underway at Carmel again this year and it is a great time to remind everyone that all girls are expected to complete service hours each year. Details about the Service programme and due dates can be found in the House google classrooms and in the school diary (pages 6-7). Hours need to be unpaid, in your own time, and of service to others. Year 7 and 8 girls are expected to complete 10 hours, Year 9 and 10 girls are expected to complete 15 hours and Year 12 and 13 girls are expected to complete 20 hours. Here is a delightful recount of service completed by one of our Year 10 girls about an experience that other girls may like to try!
Ms Rosanna Fouhy, DP
During January and February, I looked after a kitten from the SPCA. She was sick with cat flu and needed to be cared for in a foster home, so we were called and asked to keep her in isolation in our house. It was an experience I will never forget, as I needed to keep her and my own cat separate so the flu wasn’t passed on. 
It was a big responsibility to care of her.  Most of my time in the holidays was spent with her, refilling her food and water, and cleaning out her litter box. I also had to give her medication every morning, which proved to be very rewarding as she went from sniffly and sneezy, to bright and perky. Despite the amount of time I put into caring for her, it was a very fulfilling experience and I would highly recommend it. 
Zoe Hutchinson, Year 10