Service Experience

Last Friday and Saturday my friends and I volunteered to help support Hospice as part of the ‘Good in the Hood’ campaign running at ‘Z’ service stations around the country. We had lots of fun and met many friendly people.

The job was easy – we had to stand near the front door with buckets of tokens that people could use to vote for their favourite charity. Our job was to convince them to vote for Hospice. We gave everyone a token and a sticker and told them a bit about Hospice and why they deserved their vote.

We noticed the good impact our work had at the end of the weekend because Hospice clearly pulled ahead in the voting.

I recommend everyone does their service. It was heaps of fun and we got given a hot chocolate and some caramel slice too! Yum.

Yardley Barker, Magnolia Barker, Mia Koprivic and Jules Torres.

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