Service Experience

At Carmel through our Vinnies Club we are given opportunities to serve the community, one of these is the de Paul House Kids Club. I am one of the student volunteers from Carmel and Rosmini who give up a couple of hours after school to spend time with these amazing kids down at de Paul House. At Kids Club we do arts and crafts, play fun learning games and so much more. It’s so heartwarming to know that myself and many others are serving the community just by helping out and having fun with these incredible kids and people. If you have some time available you too can help this wonderful cause, contact Christeen one of our Vinnies leaders ( alternatively if you’re interested in volunteering at the Vinnies OpShop contact Alexa  (

Akenese Vagana, Year 13

We’d love to know what you are doing to serve the community, submit a short article about what you did and what it meant for you serving others with a picture or video. Use this form: Service Story Submission 

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