Service Experience

On the 11th of April Amelia Lord, Hannah Macdonald, Maia O’Callaghan, Dani Lester, Isla Gillies and Ginger Vargas helped out in  The Glass Ceiling Arts Collective musical show of Shrek Jr.  The Glass Ceiling Arts Collective put on productions for non-disabled and disabled kids, ages ranged from 8-19. There were many odd jobs we had to do, like making sure the kids went on stage when needed, helping with costume changes and ushering people to their seats. We really enjoyed helping and everyone there was really nice and very grateful. Overall it was a great experience and lots of fun! 

Amelia Lord, Hannah Macdonald and Maia O’Callaghan, Year 10

Many students aged from Y10-Y12 were involved in this service over the weekend.  The feedback received from the Show Coordinator and General Manager below emphasise how rewarding volunteering is in our community.  

“I find it difficult to express how amazing they (Carmel students) were, so I had a look on your (Carmel) web site and found the following quote; 

Our aim is for a young woman to leave Carmel College a fully-developed person of integrity, initiative and caring awareness.

All of the students demonstrated this aim over the weekend and made the backstage area a calming environment in what is a stressful time.  Your students were amazing ambassadors for Carmel College, you should be very proud of them.”  Mark Stevenson (Show Coordinator)

“Your girls (Carmel students) stood out for their maturity and the calming influence they presented in what would have been, for many, an unfamiliar environment.” Michael Eaglesome (General Manager)