Service Hours Help Children Read And Learn

Abigail Street. 

For my service hours this year I helped with withdrawing books that kids no longer used from St Joseph’s Primary School, Takapuna. I withdrew the books from the school library’s catalogue, stamped and packed them into boxes ready to be shipped to Papua New Guinea (PNG). Then their school librarian sent them to a charity called ‘From Me to PNG’. With the help of many other libraries and schools, this charity filled two shipping containers of books, posters, stationary, furniture, and more for PNG students. When they travelled to PNG they built two new libraries and filled them with books. Also they restocked other libraries there which had a few books but they were all worn-out and were not up to primary school level. The ten boxes I filled helped contribute to the bigger goal and now because of this charity’s efforts there are more kids in PNG with libraries that have interesting books to help them learn and read. If you want to know more about contributing to this local charity visit