Service in the Community

For our service this year we helped out at an Aim High Disability Centre.  Our jobs were to aid an art teacher by pouring paint, setting tables up and getting the materials ready.  We helped teach art to around 10 students a day.  With each student we had to make sure no paint got on t-shirts and no jars were tipped!  Overall our experience doing service to the community at Aim High was an exciting experience and we will definitely help out again.

Helena Lee and Anya Poe, Year 9



Every Thursday I help out at the Forrest Hill Retirement Village.  This is a rewarding and eventful experience for me, as it enables me to engage with the elderly.  The staff are very kind and they are always open to helping me whenever I need it.  During my time at the village I have loved talking to the residents about their past life.  I have begun to get an idea of what it was like living back in the 1900s.  It sounded like a very different time compared to how we live now.

I have met a number of residents, one of which is shown in the photo, Doreen, she is 98 years old and has had a very interesting past that she has shared with me.  I have learnt a lot from this experience and I am forever grateful that I took this opportunity because it has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.  Just by talking to the elderly residents brightens their day as some don’t have many visitors.  I am glad that I get to help people feel loved and special.

Kate Holloway, Year 11