Service Programme 2020

2020 Service
With many service opportunities affected by Covid this year, students have looked closer to home and shown care by helping grandparents, aunties and uncles, neighbours and friends of the family. It has been encouraging to read students’ service reflections this year, see photos in the weekly newsletter and hear how their time and generosity has been able to help the community both emotionally and physically throughout this difficult year.
  • “Doing service hours can teach you so much. You never know how somebody’s day or life is going and helping them out even in the littlest way can make a huge difference”.  Jasmine Lealaogata 
  • “A patient of Hospice wanted to fulfil a lifetime wish to host an art exhibition to show off his work.  He had been homeless most of his adult life and did not have many possessions except for his photographs.  I volunteered to help make food and serve it during the art exhibition – over the evening I was introduced to a group of people I would not have met in my normal life.  The evening was filled with respect and compassion which allowed me to see true service in action”. Grace Stephen
  • “My mum got an email from De Paul house saying that their food bank is low, so I started up a food drive. Because of covid-19 people couldn’t give cans so they gave money and we ordered products from countdown to donate. We bought 138 items overall. Charities are struggling to provide to families who have been affected by covid. Through this experience I learnt that helping others in the way that I did can have a big impact on them”.   Ruby Gillum
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