Service Programme

Cardio Drumming at Fairview Care Retirement Hospital

Cardio drumming is an involved activity for those of all ages. It involves hitting a yoga ball with drumsticks in time with a song. It is said to improve heart rate and blood flow, increase coordination and help with concentration for the elderly. At Fairview Care Retirement Hospital Cardio drumming is a much-loved activity that is enjoyed by all residents.

Last Term we had the opportunity to volunteer at Fairview Care Retirement Hospital. Not only did we get to help out with the Cardio drumming, we also set up decorations for their Olympics display, fed the residents and helped out with the laundry runs. We enjoyed this experience, connecting with the elderly. I highly recommend volunteering here as it is a great way to give back to your community and connect with others.

See video HERE

Simone Eweje, Mia Jovic & Deziray Spinka, Year 10 (back right)